The Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Success serves as the principal staff liaison to the Academic Affairs and Student Success Committee of the UT Board of Trustees and in that capacity:

  1. Develops and evaluates campus and system strategic plans and mission statements.
  2. Reviews proposals for new academic programs and revisions of existing programs.
  3. Establishes new academic organizations and structures such as major campuses, colleges and institutes.
  4. Develops and revises policies on admissions, progression and retention standards.
  5. Develops and revises student and faculty policies.
  6. Oversees the University of Tennessee Press, which publishes high-quality works of original scholarship in selected fields, informative regional studies, and literary fiction.
  7. Serves as liaison to the Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC), Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (TSAC), Department of Education, Tennessee Diploma Project, Southern Regional Education Board’s (SREB) Academic Common Market, and the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).
  8. Provide institutional research support.
  9. Compliance with legislation concerning academic policies, practices and procedures.